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purplestripe66 wrote in kerovan_day
Less than a week away already! As I’ve mentioned, since Dress Like A Kerovan Day falls on a Monday this year, we will be having Dress Like A Kerovan Day Observed, this Saturday. Anyone who wants can, off course, choose to celebrate on the official Dress Like A Kerovan Day, Monday March 22, or both days. ^_^ Of course many of us can’t do this because if we went to work dressed like a Kerovan, Bosses might not be to happy. :P

I won’t be posting as much as last year as I’m having computer difficulties, but I encourage everyone to checkout past entries, as well as ourKO-35 Screenshot Gallery.

Today I actually bought a dress for Dress Like A Kerovan Day. I wasn’t planning on buying anything but I was wandering around the mall after work and figured I’d look around. I actually asked a couple of sales girls if the had anything they thought would be good for Dress Like A Kerovan Day. XD I know I’m horrible. But they where really nice. The dress is black with metallic silver and purple and sparkles.

Does anyone else have their outfit for Dress Like A Kerovan Day picked out already? Anyone need suggestions? Remember Dress Like A Kerovan Day isn’t about striving for perfect accuracy or spending a lot of money. This is the first year I’ve ever purchased anything, normally I just find something in what I already have. There is no right or wrong. It’s about having fun and supporting KO-35! ^_~


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