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DLAK Contest
purplestripe66 wrote in kerovan_day
This is the official post for the Dress Like a Karoven Day Contest.

To enter, post either a photo, or a link to a photo of you dressed in your Karoven best anytime between Saturday, March 19 and Tuesday, March 22*. The winners will be judged by rosabelle and myself and one winner will be chosen. This contest is running on both LJ and DW, please only enter once, as all entries will be combined and only one winner will be chosen.

The winner will be announced on approximately Friday, March 25, and will receive a sparkly banner. Outfits can include clothing, hair styles, and make up and may include props, and will be judged based on creativity, authenticity, and general awesomeness. Please keep it PG. ^_^

You do have to be part of at least one of the Karoven Day communities, either on LJ, or DW win.

If you have any questions, regarding the contest or DLAK Day in general, please PM one of the mods or leave a comment on the most recent post. This post's comments will be turned off until Friday, March 18.

*Yes, we are aware of time zones. As long as it's between these dates somewhere on Earth (Or KO-35 ^_^) we're happy.

(Mods not eligible to win)


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