Happy Dress Like A Kerovan Day!
Well the big day is finally here! Hope everyone's enjoying their outfits and is having fun with the day. ^_^ If you take pictures of your Kerovan outfit, I will make a post that you can comment on with your pictures or links to your pictures later today.

Dress Like A Kerovan Tip #7
Well tommorow is Dress Like A Kerovan Day so this will be your last tip this year. So you've probably got your outfit picked out by now, or at least havea very good idea of what you're gonna wear. So today I'm gonna make some suggestoins about what to do while wearing your Kerovan outfit! After all, it's a shame to let such a marvoulous creation be seen by no one but your bathroom mirror. ^_~

Of course things tend to be more fun with someone else. If you're lucky enough to know someone who already plans on participating in Dress Like A Kerocan Day and lives near you, than that's one thing you do't have to worry about. You could also convince a friend to dress like a Kerovan. Even if they don't know whata Kerovan is.

Now, when you're dressed like a Kerovan, even the most ordinary things are a lot more fun. A walk in the park is always amusing, especially if you manage to overhear some of the comments from the kids. I also imagine that a bus ride would be amusing, perhapse to the library, or just the grocery store.

Don't worry about what people think. You're participating in a nation, perhapse world wide event. And you know that there's at least a few people who are doing the same thing somewhere else. And you never know, you could meet someone else who's dressed like a Kerovan.

Dress Like A Kerovan Tip # 6: Details
Now, I mentioend that Dress Like A Kerovan day isn't about 1000% accuracy. And it isn't. But if you wanna pay attention to the littel details that are somewhat easy to fooorget about, here are some tips.

First, shoes. I highly doubt that Kerovans have converse sneakers. That seems like a very Earth thing. I would personally recomend boots. This would probably work well since it's still somewhat cold where most of you are. But, if you don't have a nice pair of boots, or you live in Arizona where tempertures have reached a pleasent (not) 93° in the shade... To be honest, most of the Kerovans I noticed the footware of, and keep in mind, I did research, ^_^ did wear boots. Sandles certainly make sense in warm weather however. Or if all else fails, any shoes that aren't distinctly Earthian, meaning logos like Nike (no copyright (or whatever) infringement intended), recognizable patterns like converses.

Watches. Watches are convenient. But lets be honest, a lot of the time, they kinda clash with the look we're going for. Whether it's Dress Like A Kerovan Day or your Hello Kitty watch with your business suit. Here's a tip if you think your watch stands out to much, it's not a watch, it's a communicator cleaverly disguised to blend in on your trip to Earth last week. ^_~

Accessories and jewerly. I thought that this might be a good tip on it's own. But I couldn't think of anything that I wouldn't find appropriate. So to necklaces, scarves, bracelets, gloves, and whatever else you can think of, go nuts!

Dress Like A Kerovan Tip # 5: Dress Like A Ranger
So, most of the Kerovans cloths seem complicated, but the Kerovan Ranger's uniforms are fairly simple: a long sleeven solid color shirt, gray pants, and the jacket. And of course, the Kerovan Rangers are Kerovan. So there is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing like a Kerovan Ranger for Dress Like A Kerovan Day. Now, of course the jacket the rangers wear is very specific and would be hard to replicate. But I can certainly think of dozens of reasons for a ranger to take of their jacket.

So while it might not be as flashy or obvious that you're dressed like a Kerovan, a simplified version of the Kerovan Ranger uniform is a great outfit choice if you can't find anythign else you like. And if you can make the jacket, well, pleaze to be sending me one, thank you. ^_^ If you happen to have an Astro Morpher lying around, this will absolutely perfect your Dress Like A Kerovan Day outfit. If you're worried about taking over someone's color, don't. Power Rangeres in Space was [cough cough] I feel old and I don't wanna say it years ago, it's certainly very likely they've pased down their morphers by now. ^_^

Dress Like A Kerovan Tips # 3 & 4
Ok, so it seems I forgot to post the Dress Like A Kerovan Tip yesterday. So today you'll get two! :D

Tip # 3: Cloaks Made Easy

Cloaks seem to be very popular but they can be somewhat hard to find. Party stores or costume shops'll have them, but not necessarily year round. There's a lot of patterns online if you wanna make your own. But a simpler, no-sew way to make one is to use a curtain. Yes, this sounds ridiculous but it actually looks good if you have a good curtain. I suggest a solid color, and the sheer (transparent) ones work best in my experience. Just thread a (pretty looking) string through the place where you would put the curtain rod and tie some large decorative beads on the ends. And voila! You have a cloak. :D Now, this won't have a hood, but you can experiment with scarves if you want one.

Tip # 4: Kerovan Colors

Sparkles! It's interesting, Kerovans seem to like either earth tone browns or shiny, sparkly, metallic colors. And I do mean sparkly. Of course, there's no bad color choices. Solid colors seem to be the most popular, or those with colored accents. But that's certainly not a rule (which you may be realizing is a theme of Dress Like A Kerovan Day, there are very few rules, just suggestions).

Dress Like a Kerovan Tip # 2: Make-up
First of all, let me start off by saying this isn't for girls only. As far as I'm concerned, KO-35 doesn't have any socialno-nos about boys wearing makeup. So guys, if you want to, go for it! You have the full support of kerovan_day!

The magic word of today is sparkles! I noticed that Kerovans liked their glitter. So if you have it, pile it on! Face, hair, body, nails. Sequins are good too. You know those little plastic stick ons for your body? Taikwa wore these around her eyebrow.

Also, eye make up. Astronema seems to have gotten it from her memories of KO-35.

To anyone who feels wierd wearing a lot of make up, remember, that's kinda the point. ^_~ Try it, you can always wash it off if you don't like it.

Dressing Like A Kerovan Tips: Tip 1 - Hair
A large part of your Dress Like A Kerovan Day outfit can be your hairstyle. Kerovans tend to have very unique hair and it's a simple way to dress like a Kerovan! The most obvious way to do this is by taking a tip from the most famous Kerovan on Earth, Andros. That's right, stripes! Now, actually dying your hair, even temporarily is a bit extreme for most people, although awesome if you're willing to do it! A simpler way is to use hair extensions of a different color than your hair color. The purple color I used last year was actually one piece I got at the 99¢ store before Halloween.

If you can't do anything with color, try something sparkly. Hair glitter, sparkly ribbons, those strands of hair tinsel, and just put your hair up in a pony tail or pig tails, or even braids. If doing a pony tail, I suggest putting it on the top of your head instead of in back. Multiple pony tails work great too.

Have short hair? Well the stripes would still work. Or you can use gel in your hair to make it less Eath-like.

If you can't do anything with your hair, or you don't have enough hair to do anything with, don't worry. There's plenty of other ways to dress like a Kerovan! And of course these are just suggestions. There are certainly many other possibilities.

One Week
As of today, there is one week left until the second annual Dress Like A Kerovan Day! If you haven't picked out your outfit yet, it might be a good time to start planning. And don't hesitat to use this com to your advantage, Any questions you have, ideas you wanna bounce off of fellow Kerovans (^_~), or suggestions you have for dressing like a Kerovan can be posted here. All memebers do have posting access.

I will be giving (hopefully) helpful tips and suggestions each day this week to help you design your outfit. But remember, the important thing is that you think you're dressed like a Kerovan. :D Your first Dress Like a Kerovan Tip will come later today.

(no subject)
Welcome to the official Dress Like A Kerovan Day Community. This is your go to place for everything having to do with Dress Like A Kerovan day, which by the way is comming up quick, next Sunday, March 22. All members have posting access so feel free to share your outfit ideas or questions

Here is a link to the screenshot gallery. It's not much, but those Kerovans move aweful quick! So it's not as easy as it looks. ^_~ Remember, we only saw actual Kerovan citizens a few times on the show, so there's a lot of creative potential. If you can't find anything like the shots in the gallery, use your imagination. My advice is stay away from jeans or anything distinctly Earth-like (Words (for the most part), logos, Earth designs (the peace sign, etc)). That's not a rule though, if it has a good cut to it and says "I live on Earth" in giant letters, go for it! ...I so want that shirt now.

The point of Dress Like A Kerovan Day is to be creative and have fun, not go for 1000% accuracy. If you think you're dressed like a Kerovan, then you win! And remember, the hair and make up can make up half of the outfit if you want. There are some excelent examples of this in the gallery too. Hair extentions that aren't your natural hair color to give a stripey effect, glitter, and swirly eye make up are all good.

So welcome! And remember, only 10 days left till the second anual Dress Like A Kerovan Day!


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